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What we can offer you
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Jhart Metalworks utilizes GMAW (MIG) and GTAW (TIG) for welding mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum. Whether it’s welding together your project, or repairing your broken or damaged item, we’re just a phone call away.

We also offer small part production welding to suit your short, medium, or long term needs.

CNC Plasma

From prototyping to production cutting, contact us for your CNC plasma cutting needs. We can use your files and your material, or create the drawings and provide the material for you.

Metal Fabrication

If you are looking to have something made out of metal, chances are we can make it for you.

When no one makes the item you’re looking for, it’s time to have it made to your specifications. Give us a call now so we can get started working on your project.

Metal Signs

Jhart Metalworks can create custom signs for your home or business. These items are one off custom pieces made specifically for the customer. If you are looking for something generic, there are plenty of companies that create these by the hundreds and for very reasonable prices. We specialize in making unique items, that you won’t see in someone else’ home or business when you visit there. 2